EWR Airport Limo

NYC Royal Limo stands as a beacon of luxury, tranquility, and elegance.

NYC Royal Limo - Your premier limousine service in New York City, specialized in transportation services to EWR Airport. Navigating through the vibrant cityscape, we offer you the ultimate ride in our expansive fleet ranging from Luxury Sedans, SUVs, Vans, to Stretch and Super Stretch Limos, and even Luxury Coach Mini Buses. Covering Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, New Jersey, as well as Rockland, Orange, Westchester, and Southwestern Counties, our service areas are as diverse as our fleet. In a bustling city that never sleeps, we stand as a beacon of luxury, tranquility, and punctuality, ensuring your journey to and from EWR Airport is a royal affair.

EWR Airport Limo


Our Company

NYC Royal Limo stands as a beacon of luxury, tranquility, and elegance. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to providing unparalleled limousine services, striving to exceed customer expectations in every aspect. Our company's philosophy is rooted in a deep commitment to professionalism, punctuality, and the provision of a superior experience that sets us apart from the rest.

We are not just a transportation service - it's a royal experience, designed to add a touch of opulence and comfort to your journey. We offer a fleet of high-end vehicles, ensuring our passengers can sit back and relax in a luxurious environment while being whisked away to their destination. Our professional chauffeurs are trained to provide an exceptional level of service, from opening the door for you to assisting with your luggage, they make every effort to ensure you are treated like royalty.

We cater to a diverse clientele, from business executives seeking a quiet ride for a conference, to couples desiring a romantic night out, to tourists eager to explore the wonders of New York City and New Jersey in style. We prioritize client safety and comfort, and our services are available 24/7, ensuring reliable transportation regardless of your schedule.

EWR Airport Limo Services

Our services are as diverse as our clientele. Our signature service is the EWR Airport Limo, a premium transportation service designed to provide a seamless and luxurious travel experience between the city and Newark Liberty International Airport.

Whether you're departing from the heart of Manhattan, the boroughs of Brooklyn, Bronx, or Queens, or the suburban landscapes of Staten Island, New Jersey, and the surrounding counties, our EWR Airport Limo service is your link to stress-free air travel. We monitor flight schedules in real-time, ensuring your vehicle is always ready when you are, even if your flight schedule changes.

Our fleet comprises a wide range of luxury vehicles to cater to different needs and preferences. Choose from our Luxury Sedan for a classic, elegant ride, or opt for the Luxury SUV for a more spacious journey. The Luxury Van is ideal for larger parties or for travelers with more luggage, while the Stretch Limo and Super Stretch Limo offer an extra touch of glamor and extravagance. For group trips, our Luxury Coach Mini Bus provides ample room without compromising comfort or style.

In addition to airport transportation, we also offer point-to-point limo services, ideal for traveling between meetings, hotels, or tourist spots. Our city tours are another popular choice, providing a unique way to explore New York and New Jersey's iconic sights from the comfort of our plush vehicles. And for special occasions, from weddings to proms to corporate events, our limousines add a layer of sophistication that elevates your event to a whole new level.

EWR Airport Limo


Our Fleet

At NYC Royal Limo, our fleet reflects our commitment to luxury, comfort, and variety, allowing us to cater to an array of transportation needs and preferences. Each vehicle in our fleet is meticulously maintained and cleaned, ensuring a pristine and comfortable ride every time.

Luxury Sedan EWR Airport Limo

Our Luxury Sedans are a popular choice for individual travelers or small groups. Whether you're heading to a business meeting or catching a flight at EWR, our sedans offer the perfect blend of style and convenience. With plush interiors, high-tech features, and a smooth ride, you can relax or prepare for your day in a peaceful environment.

Luxury SUV EWR Airport Limo

The Luxury SUVs in our fleet provide additional space without sacrificing style or comfort. With a larger seating capacity, they are perfect for families, groups, or travelers with extra luggage. These SUVs boast top-of-the-line features such as leather seating, climate control, and an advanced entertainment system to make your ride enjoyable and comfortable.

Luxury Van EWR Airport Limo

Our Luxury Vans are designed to accommodate larger groups, providing ample space for each passenger and their luggage. Whether you're organizing a corporate outing, family trip, or a group tour, these vans offer a relaxed and spacious environment. With extended legroom, adjustable seating, and modern amenities, our luxury vans take group travel to the next level.

Stretch Limo EWR Airport Limo

For an added touch of elegance and luxury, consider our Stretch Limos. These are perfect for special occasions, such as weddings, proms, or anniversaries, and provide a stylish, unforgettable ride. Fitted with luxurious leather seats, premium sound system, mood lighting, and a mini-bar, our stretch limos turn any trip into a special event.

Super Stretch EWR Airport Limo

Our Super Stretch Limos take extravagance a step further. With even more space, these limousines can accommodate larger parties while offering all the lavish features of a regular stretch limo. Whether you're celebrating a bachelorette party, hosting out-of-town clients, or simply want an extravagant night out, our super stretch limos deliver an unmatched experience of luxury.

Luxury Coach Mini Bus EWR Airport Limo

For group travel, our Luxury Coach Mini Buses are the ideal choice. Capable of accommodating a larger number of passengers, these buses are perfect for corporate events, group airport transfers, or sightseeing tours. Each minibus is equipped with comfortable seating, plenty of luggage space, and modern amenities to ensure a smooth, enjoyable journey.

EWR Airport Limo

Service Areas

Our commitment to excellence transcends throughout New York and its surrounding regions. Our diverse service areas ensure that no matter where you are in the city or surrounding counties, you can avail of our high-end transportation services. Here's a glimpse of our service areas:

EWR Airport Limo in Manhattan

Manhattan is the vibrant heart of New York City, with its high-rise skyline, bustling streets, and iconic landmarks. Whether you are in the Financial District, Times Square, or the quieter neighborhoods of the Upper East Side, our Manhattan services ensure that you travel in luxury and comfort, be it for business, leisure, or airport transit.

EWR Airport Limo in Brooklyn

As a cultural melting pot with a unique charm, Brooklyn has its own appeal. Be it Williamsburg, DUMBO, or any other neighborhood, we provide efficient and luxurious transportation services to cater to all your needs, from a stylish entrance at a trendy event to a stress-free ride to the airport.

EWR Airport Limo in Bronx

Known for its rich history and diversity, the Bronx is more than just the home of Yankee Stadium. Our services in the Bronx ensure that you navigate through this vibrant borough with ease and luxury, adding an extra touch of comfort to your journeys.

EWR Airport Limo in Queens

Queens, a borough famed for its diversity, offers its own unique blend of cultures and experiences. Our services are readily available across Queens, providing comfortable, reliable, and stylish transportation for every need, be it a ride to the airport or a night out in town.

EWR Airport Limo in Staten Island

Staten Island, the least populated of the five boroughs, presents a quieter side of New York. Regardless of where you are in Staten Island, our limo services are just a call away. We ensure that you travel in style, whether you're heading to the airport or exploring the local attractions.

EWR Airport Limo in New Jersey

Just across the Hudson River, New Jersey is an integral part of our service area. Whether you're in Newark, Jersey City, or any other part of the Garden State, our limo services ensure a smooth, luxurious ride to your destination.

EWR Airport Limo in Rockland and Orange Counties

North of New Jersey and the city's bustling boroughs, our service extends into Rockland and Orange Counties. We offer top-tier limousine services in these areas, ensuring your ride is comfortable and luxurious, regardless of your destination.

EWR Airport Limo in Westchester and Southwestern Counties

Rounding off our service area, we offer premium limo services in Westchester and Southwestern Counties. Residents and visitors in these regions can enjoy the convenience and luxury of our premier limo services, whether for airport transportation, corporate needs, or special events.

EWR Airport Limo

Why Choose Our EWR Airport Limo Service

Choosing a transportation service to and from the airport is about more than just getting from point A to point B. It's about choosing a service that offers reliability, comfort, punctuality, and an overall pleasant travel experience. At NYC Royal Limo, we offer all these and more, setting us apart from the rest. Here are some of the key reasons to choose our EWR Airport Limo service.


Our professionalism sets the tone for our high-quality service. From the moment you make a booking with us, you will experience a seamless and professional process, tailored to meet your specific needs. Each member of our team, from our customer service representatives to our chauffeurs, is dedicated to providing exceptional service.

Our chauffeurs are not just drivers; they are professionally trained and licensed individuals who understand the importance of their role. They are well-versed with the city's routes and are trained to drive safely and smoothly, ensuring your ride is pleasant and worry-free. They respect your privacy and aim to provide a discreet, secure service, always appearing in professional attire and offering courteous assistance when needed.


When it comes to airport transportation, we understand that time is of the essence. That's why punctuality is a cornerstone of our EWR Airport Limo Service. We closely monitor flight schedules and traffic conditions in real-time to ensure that we are always ready when you are. We strive to get you to your destination on time, every time, eliminating the stress of rushing or worrying about potential delays.


Our service epitomizes luxury. From our fleet of top-tier vehicles to the complimentary amenities on offer, we ensure your journey is nothing short of luxurious. Our vehicles are fitted with plush seating, ample legroom, climate control, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. We pay attention to the smallest details, ensuring that your ride is comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable.

Our Difference

What truly sets NYC Royal Limo apart is our commitment to excellence. Our focus on customer satisfaction drives us to continuously improve and innovate our services. We are more than just a transportation service - we provide a unique travel experience that transforms your journey into a memorable event.

We believe in a personalized approach. Understanding that each client has unique needs and preferences, we offer tailored services that align with your specific requirements. Whether you require a quick transfer to the airport, a city tour, or a luxurious ride to a special event, we have you covered.

Our commitment to quality and excellence extends beyond our services. We contribute to a greener environment by maintaining our vehicles to the highest standards and adopting practices that reduce our carbon footprint. Furthermore, we believe in fair pricing and provide a transparent, value-for-money service, devoid of hidden charges or last-minute surprises.

Choosing NYC Royal Limo for your EWR Airport transportation needs means choosing a service that values your time, comfort, and satisfaction. It means choosing a team of professionals who go above and beyond to ensure that your ride is not just a journey, but an experience that leaves a lasting impression. Experience the NYC Royal Limo difference today - where luxury meets reliability, and your satisfaction is our highest priority.

With our comprehensive fleet and widespread service areas, we are much more than just a ride - we are an experience, blending comfort, class, and convenience into your travel plans. Our aim is to ensure your ride is smooth, timely, and impeccably luxurious, whether you're traveling to Manhattan, taking off from Staten Island, or anywhere in between. Experience the royal treatment and affordable prices with us today - travel in comfort, travel in style, travel with us.